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Fr.Hermann Borg receives the distinguished service awards during the 2017 ICCB opening plenary in Catertegana Columbia

Society for Conservation Biology (SBC), has just concluded the 2017 International Congress on Conservation for Biology (ICCB-2017), ICCB-2017 took place in Cartagena Columbia from 23rd to 27th of July. The congress brought together various dignitaries, professionals, communities, and faith groups across the  world, which has a great interest in conservation and care for creation with a key focus on developing insights for sustaining life on earth. ICCB 2017 came at a great time where the Earth in dire need of attention and care more so from global phenomena such as climate change, global warming, earth quake, drought,  famine among other issues that require human intervention.

An interesting aspect of this congress is how deeply it was concerned about creating a platform to engage the interfaith in getting solutions, and developing insights in ecological sustainability. This move depicted how important collaborations are valued and how great ideas can be developed when people come together when scientist interacts together with religion when  conservationist consider values as aspects of communication need for caring for creation.
frhermanAs Pope Francis says “We are called to promote a culture of dialogue by every possible means and thus to rebuild the fabric of society.” The need to bring the global community together through congress such as the ICCB is vital in creating meaningful partnerships and promoting sustainability of Mother Earth.

During  the  congress  the  organizers  awarded  the  first  ever  Assisi  Award and Distinguished Service awards, that both to faith leaders, Assisi Award was given to Sr.Mary David Walgechach Order of St. Benedict and cofounder of the community of St. Benedict, while Distinguished service award handed to Fr. Hermann Borg OFM and Founder of Mother Earth Network in Kenya. The  awards created a platform for recognition and magnification of efforts undertaken by faith groups in care for creation in various parts of the World.

Fr. Borg while receiving the award reminded the 2000 participants that time has come for people of all the world despite their affiliations to get together and save mother nature, drawing a case study for the successful tree planting initiative he undertook in Lower Subukia thirty years ago. “We must join hands as stewards of Gods Creation to care for creation and make the world better” Added Fr.Hermann.

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