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Environmental Stewardship Award

June this, United Religious Initiative U R I granted Mother Earth Network its first ever issued Environmental Stewardship Award. This recognition expressed the intention of the donor to widen its horizon of concern and reference towards the environment.

Mother Earth feels recognized and appreciated. It creates a new awareness of purpose and meaning. The message of Mother Earth is clear and precise, to rehabilitate the damaged globe referring to water, air, pollution, waste, climate change, increase of temperature etc.

Over 6 million people die each year worldwide because of lack of quality of air to breath in. People visit hospitals because of asthma, allergies and inspirational problems caused by pollution.

Mother Earth evaluates and concludes with its firm intention to do more for the protection of all citizens worldwide. Mother Earth is offering its service to create and introduce a new sense to honor the value of nature. It would like to promote a new attitude towards the value of life in introducing a MOTHER EARTH CULTURE.

What a step forward if people could embrace a new sense of unity between themselves and a healthy relationship to creation. Care for health, life, livestock, trees, flowers, beauty of nature, beauty of garden, fields, forests, rivers, mountains, plains, insects, products of nature, use of water, oxygen, dignity of work, value of education and knowledge are tremendous values of our daily life.

Mother Earth Culture wants to be a guide towards a human attitude to practice care and respect for the natural gifts of air, water, trees, flowers and fruits and their use by human beings. Cleanness and tidiness are basic appearances in the performance of life.

Poetry, arts and artistic have not yet exhausted their performances in use in classrooms, media, festivals, concerts, symposiums and gatherings of people. The public is kept away from a natural touch with a close encounter of the resources of its survival.

Mother Earth Culture would like to see a new encounter between life and nature, between houses and forests, between factory and river, between mall and park.

Mother Earth Culture appears at its starting point to sensitize young and old, pupils and students, parents and teachers to over bridge the gap between life and nature, between garden and institution.

The word culture guides us to a form of foundation of our life, which leads to fulfillment, peace, joy, satisfaction and a new form of socialization.  It is a form of nourishment and refreshment for our daily survival as an individual and group. The exposed level of its aim will give us impulses, new orientation and a helping hand in the demand of our present time as a new offered CULTURE.

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